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T-shirt Design

In this portfolio piece, is a t-shirt design. At the time, the theme was about the Covid-19 pandemic because this design was made during 2021.

First Drafts

The first draft of the t-shirt design was a black widow in a jar. I was trying to go for a dangerous insect theme, but the message didn't come across.

The second design was a bird wearing a mask, looking angry, and standing on a sign about wearing a mask. I wanted to try a cute looking animal approach, but I was struggling with this design.

Second Draft

This second draft of the bird design became easier after I realized that I should go with an cute-looking bird than an angry one.

This orange design was the one I had the most fun with. I knew that putting a pun on a T-shirt would be a bit corny, but I enjoyed designing the orange of how simple it was.

Final Draft

The final design of the T-shirt. I changed the font to make it readable and I even made sure that the fonts weren't too far apart from each other.

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